Please take the time to read ALL of this--I put effort into making this clear and concise
for you, and will assume you've read it prior to contacting me.

To save time, I decline any client who has not fully read this section.

Who should come in for a session?

If you're really experienced with restraint, you should come in. If you're a curious newb, you should come in. If you like pantyhose, you should DEFINITELY come in. Check my "repertoire" to determine if what I offer fits with what you're seeking.

Where will my session take place?

I have several private, dedicated studio/dungeon spaces at my 2,300+ square-foot flat, which offers lots of privacy, short-and-long term parking options, overnight sessions (or longer!), as well as a custom-designed, real-as-real jail cell, sensory deprivation enclosure, suspension bondage, and private guest quarters. Basically, it's like a kinky bed-and-breakfast, here, and I do everything I can to give you the best experience possible.

How much does a session cost?

My rates, roughly (early mornings, holidays, etc. may incur a litttle upcharge).

PLEASE, no negotiating. I provide fair, thoughtful pricing for sessions. If the amount I arrive at is not to your liking--I'm genuinely sorry we couldn't make something work.

Why is a domme so expensive?

I sometimes hear, from newbies, that a session costs more than expected. First, not if you read this page fully. Second, this field requires intense care and training and a professional approach, which I possess. Save up, if you need to. I'll be waiting, and looking forward to making your fantasy happen.

What's your Twitter - or - Facebook - or - whatever social media?

I get lots of emails thanking me for becoming Facebook friends... or commenting on my recent blog posts... uh, hate to tell you, but that's not me. So, if it's not listed here, it's some poser.

Where are you located?

I'm right in the heart of Boston -- except better: Southie! :) I adore this city and my studio is easily accessible by train, plane, car, taxi--and if you live in the city, I'm right near the Andrew T stop.

"I'm not into bondage," but I'd love a hand job/ruined orgasm session.

No. My speciality is immobilization; yes, I incorporate some (a lot) of teasing into my sessions, but that's at my discretion. This is NOT a handjob service; the intimate stroking you see my videos is with trusted repeat clients (and a few ex-boyfriends).

Read it all? Watched a few videos, sure you know what you're in for? Ok...

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