FAQ! Please take the time to read ALL of this--I put extra effort into making this information clear and concise for you, and will assume you've read it prior to contacting me. To save time, I decline any client who has not fully read this section.

Q: Who should come in for a session?

A: If you're really experienced with restraint, you should come in. If you're a curious newb, you should come in. If you like pantyhose, you should DEFINITELY come in. Check out my videos and blog to determine if what I offer fits with what you're seeking. (Hint: Bondage. Pantyhose. Bondage. Teasing.)

Q: Where are you located?

A: I have a lovely studio in downtown Boston's financial district; I also travel to my compound in Western Mass for more extended, long-term sessions.

Q: How much does a session with you cost?

A: Here's a general idea of my rates.

Bondage session: $200-$300/hr | Isolation bondage: $80-$100/hr | Pantyhose date: $300-$400

Q: Why is a domme so expensive?

A: I sometimes hear, from newbies, that a session costs more than expected. First, not if you read this page fully. Second, this field requires intense care and training and a professional approach, which I possess. Save up, if you need to. I'll be waiting, and looking forward to making your fantasy happen.

Q: Where can I see you for free?

A: I have a tumblr, an instagram, and a (pretty amazing) YouTube channel, all of which have tons of free content. Live sessions are available to members of PantyhoseTherapy.com or TeaseAndThankYou.com; so if you are serious about visiting you'll have access to years' and years' worth of footage, anyway. :)

Q: "I'm not into bondage," but I'd love a handjob/ruined orgasm. Ok?

A: No.

My speciality is immobilization; yes, I incorporate some (a lot) of teasing into my sessions, but that's at my discretion. This is NOT a handjob service.