Rates, Frequently Asked Questions, Things to Know

Who should come in for a session?

If you're really experienced with restraint, you should come in. If you're a curious newb, you should come in. If you like pantyhose, you should DEFINITELY come in. Interested in a pantyhose 'date' with both or either of us? Get in touch. We're fun. :)

Where will my session take place?

WeI have several private, dedicated studio/dungeon spaces attached to our 4,000+ square-foot home, which offers lots of privacy and plenty of discreet off-street parking, as well as a jail cell, an in-floor minicell, a plexiglass isolation chamber, and private guest bathrooms.

How much does a session with you cost?

Here's a general idea of our rates.

  • Pantyhose bondage session: $200-$300/hr
  • Pantyhose date: $200-$500

PLEASE, no negotiating. We provide fair, thoughtful pricing for sessions. If the amount we arrive at is not to your liking--we're genuinely sorry we couldn't make something work.

Where are you located?

We're in Northampton, Mass., in an area known as the 5 College Area.

"I'm not into bondage," but I'd love a hand job/ruined orgasm/foot session. Ok?


My speciality is immobilization; yes, I incorporate some (a lot) of teasing into my sessions, but that's at my discretion. This is NOT a handjob service; the intimate stroking you see my videos is with trusted long-time clients and a few ex-boyfriends.


Read it all? Watched a few videos, sure
you know what you're in for? Ok...