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**Our primary offering is REAL, INESCAPABLE BONDAGE and PANTYHOSE PANTYHOSE PANTYHOSE. If you're not into those things, or need an orgasm to enjoy a session, you're in the wrong place.**

Pantyhose pantyhose pantyhose!

We loooove hosiery, and appreciate those who share that love. We'll create a special session focused on legwear, incorporating restraints, foot/leg worship, light feminzation - or not. We'll make a one-of-a-kind fantasy come true, based on your needs and our kinky dreams--think of us as a pantyhose spa, where guests can enjoy anything from a date night out with pantyhose cousins, to a full-on pantyhose bondage session.

Any kind of thorough restraint you want.

Mummification, chains, locks, vacbeds, cages, rope, fiberglass casting, isolation, stocks and pillories, high-security handcuffs, German institutional restraints, all original straitjackets, boxes, closets, leather. Tons of unique gear and immobilizing possibilities. I promise to make you totally, comfortably stuck, and the more stuck you are, the more fun we can have.

Chastity. Tease + denial. More chastity.

No bondage is really complete unless your manhood is locked up, too, am I right? I always seem to have great chemistry with guys interested in chastity, whether it's in a solid and unbreakable cock cage or through gentle hypnotic suggestions. Speaking of...

Hypnosis / mental training

In person or over the phone, face-to-face or miles apart, it doesn't matter--my skills in this area are, well, remarkable. (Click HERE to read about my hypno-hosiery talents, from guys who have, ahem, benefitted.) Through a combination of relaxation and agitation, we'll break you down and build you back up, in ways you can't expect.... or prevent...

We also love...

Tickling. Feminization. Roleplay. Breath play. Medical scenarios. Recreations of your youthful fetishy experiences. (Got a babysitter you still think about? Maybe your stepsister duct taped you to a chair a long time ago? You name the game, I'll play the part. And I'm good, too...)

If there's something you're interested in trying with me, but isn't listed here, please feel free to ask!