feb 19 2018 • You've Been QUENCHED

Sometimes, it IS as easy as "don't orgasm and you won't have to drink your cum." Simple, simple...

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feb 18 2018 • 22 Hours Encased

There were hours of raw footage from this beautifully extreme session, but this video is limit to just a few minutes, per the client's request. He writes: "I have never felt so deeply, submissively, intimate with another person, and hopefully, this moment I'm able to share will encourage more people to visit Christina." He also asked that I not charge for it, so members and nonmembers alike can click to the right to download this one. :)

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feb 11 2018 • No GREAT MYSTERY

To the restrained, to the sensory-deprived and Christina-victimized, this ending might seem volitile and almost TOO mean. But if you're not the blindfolded one, ya kind of saw it coming... ;) Lots of tickling, lots of edging, and everyone having a reallllly good time. Recommsended!

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A very effective method for teaching the meaning of the word "edging." So many of you write in saying you want "merciless denial" but really want an extended Christina handjob. I can tell you that "tease and denial" does NOT mean "tease and amazing orgasm." This is the height of desperation; if you ask for it, I WILL give it to you. No matter what.

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feb 2 2018 • PRETTY PINK PETboi

Pink panties, pink collar, pink bra, pink lipgloss – pink pantyhose pulling, perhaps? A foray into some flirty, forced fem, with enough pantyhose-pulling torture to turn ANY guy into a girlie-girl puddle of “please mistress pleaseeeee." This one will make you think twice before clicking SEND on that "let me be your slave, mistress" email.

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jan 30 2018 • BUMP + GRIND

I talk a very good game these days, and client's frustration is as delicious as a Tom Brady peanut butter cup: UNREAL.

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Shackles and reprogramming and weeks of training have him docile, or so I think. But this one's still got some fight in him. This immobilized pet gets the last laugh -- spurt? -- as he ruins my ruin. Spray everywhere, and now what will I do with him? What do you call a ruined orgasm that ruins itself?

Completely unsatisfying. :)

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jan 27 2018 • DICK TICKLE DRAMA

Talk about a confused cock! A hopeless tickle addict faces the awful conundrum of an irrepressible tickle boner. I play with his sensitive cockhead until he's groaning, certain he's going to cum -- then I attack! His penis gets all confused, can't tell the difference between tickle torture and tippy-tip teasing--does he love it? hate it? and when will it end?

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oh and here's a sneak peek of the video... CLICK!!!


A secret, sexy fetish resort where you're not a VIP at a ritzy hotel; you're a prisoner in the kinky, inescapable resort of your darkest fantasies. This video is the strictest position from a recent overnight session @ my new Boston studio. Could be you, next...

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With orgasms like these, you'd probably prefer your penis safely walled in and defended from my merciless hands, too.

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jan 6 2018 • CUM CONVULSIONS

The more into it you guys are, the more into it I get -- and this poor, yelping, convulsing guy just about bucks off the bed. Good thing I know a little something about bondage...

Also, this one is a special little tease to all my guys who watch me and can't help but "squirt squirt squirt"! Ha!

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jan 3 2018 • BODYSTALKER

Pantyhose, and maybe you know this, are my addiction -- and body stockings are somewhat sacred to me. And I'm picky about the ones I wear -- yes, jeans, blouses, eveything... they have to be dancer girl brand, the real thing. Capezio, half-footed, or Danskin shimmery....

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dec 31 2017 • FEEDS ON ITSELF

Imagine if every time you climaxed, you felt even more empty, instead of satisfied. What if your fetish only got hungrier, the more you fed it? Every orgasm made you kinkier, every jerk session made you more addicted? How many orgasms would it take before you gave in? Before you let your fetish totally ruin your life? Would you stop right away? Or would you be so obsessed, so quickly, that the very thought of your kinky little secret made you hard? This session will teach your fetish the meaning of dissatisfaction. Beware.

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dec 29 2017 • DATE DEFINED

A special update for anyone who's wondered what a pantyhose "date" / session with me might entail, and a new section for subscribers who think they're ready for a night out with a girl like me...

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I have to stop making bets. Especially with clients. Especially when they involve orgasms. Or money. Or orgasms. Definitely bad idea to gamble on an orgasm… ohmygod I have to stop gambling. No, shut up, I’m gonna stop. ....Bet you $10 I'm gonna stop…!

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I made him wait a FULL year before he could visit again, at which point he would received his long awaited prize: A ruined mouthjob.
It's ruined, all right. I'm a bad, bad woman and he shouldve known damn better than to trust anything that comes out of my mouth. Let alone what goes in it...

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dec 20 2017 • DEVIOUS MIND

More immobile than he imagined possible. So very helpless he can barely moan -- now the fun part... How many ounces of pathetic man-milk should I force out of him? How many times before he's broken?

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