Pantyhose Addiction Clinic of New England


september 20 2018 • Cocklock Protocol

Keyholder? Ha. That's a joke. If you need that dick locked up (and if you're reading this, you do, jerkaddict), come see me -- for just a couple dollars, you can come to my flat, I'll inspect you, and lock you in with one of MY locks. That's it. One week, one lock, ZERO escape... seriously. Members get a discount--and enforced extra jail time...

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Seeking LIVE TREATMENT? We offer help with...

Pantyhose/legwear addiction, chronic masturbation / enforced chastity needs, genuine, thorough, comfortable TOTALLY INESCAPABLE BONDAGE, hypnotreatments for hosiery obsession, pantyhose date/girlfriend fantasy fullfillment, hypno-hormone therapy, extended modification programs (overnight, full week stays for extreme cases), friction/pantyhose pulling

september 14 2018 • Niteflirtin', Footjobbin

I'm a master of the multitask, using my melifluous guttertalk to get a pantyhose addict hard during a phone call--while using my pantyhosed toed, soles and gusset to cocktease my client into a weeping, leaking mess. Doubly denied -- double the begging -- do I give in, let either of them have that pantyhose climax? Maybe.... :)

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september 11 2018 • What a Lovely Afternoon for Everyone!

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. :) Everyone has a blast, here, with some good-natured tickle torture, a cool new toy, and a foray into post-orgasm-tickle-torture. Just a nice day for everyone.

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september 6 2018 • Assgrabber Punishment

... sorry, "assgrabber" is just a funny word. Although I didn't find it too amusing at the time, my intern getting a little bit feisty, thinking he could get away with putting his hands on me cause it's his final week here? Doubt it...

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august 31 2018 • the New NEW Workout Plan

'Leg Day' for me. That means a squeezy thigh-fucking routine, plus some pretty decent sets with basic exercises: Tip-of-dick-tounging, some expertly controlled pantyhose footjob reps, and of course, the finish is "to exhaust." Hard to say who's gonna be more sore. Not me. Probably you.

Definitely him.

Highly recommend; didn't plan to let him cum in this one, but then he started pleading "no no no, don't make me" ... like, tearfully begging me to restrict his orgasm. So of course that made me want to do the opposite. I've been told this is a vice of mine but no it isn't.

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august 24 2018 • Record-Breaker Owes Me a Camera

...Not to mention splash camera lenses, splatter cleavage, stain carpets and grease windows, and OMG if he hits me in the face ONE MORE TIME...

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august 15 2018 • So Not My Fault

I swear, this first time wasn't on purpose.... part 2, and part 3 (coming later tonight, and tomorrow...) those ruins, those were on purpose. Hey, it's not my fault -- if he didn't have so much cum to lose, I wouldn't steal it....

Seriously, this is f-ing absurd.
Will he EVER run out of ejaculate?

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august 8 2018 • Rehabilitating a Criminal

I continue this man's rehabilitation--well, punishment is perhaps more apt -- with an extended corporal session, leaving his dick in chains, his mind on his crimes, and his lap shuddering and wet...

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august 3 2018 • Chasticum Conundrum

A ruin scene sooo good I'm having a hard time not hitting "replay," again... he was so good and so chaste for so long, and whoops! Look what I just went ahead and destroyed...

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july 29 2018 • Thoughts/Needs, Hopes/Dreams

A simple pantyhose foot tease turns into some slippery, inescapable bondage. Then organically, orgasmically, it flows into a pantyhose-pulled ruined orgasm. Tons of leggy teasing, foot smothering, begging, pulling, pleading, cumming, and an outfit so smooth and shiny it's considered a weapon in 47 states. :) And you don't want to miss this cumshot, soooo big inside my silky stockings..

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july 26 2018 • Need Help NOW?

Short on time, but need to cum?

Like, NOW? Please.. allow me.

Download this to your phone, your computer; hell, just memorize it in your mind and I promise, I'll give you a quickie whenever you need it. ;)

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july 19 2018 • So Wet, So Close

Shiny and wet-looking spandex so tight, so slippery, that I got carried away on my own wave of fetishy lust. The feeling of a catsuited captive, grinding helplessly against my oiled and pantyhosed legs? I'm not sure who was more lost in this one--me or client.

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july 15 2018 • Truth Teased Out

GASP: It's the big reveal. My summer "intern" confesses his big secret, on camera, for the world to hear. YOU'LL BE SHOCKED YOU'LL BE MOVED ... ok, you'll probably just be turned on, but of course, my style of "interrogation" is particularly suited to maleable men and sex-ceptible boys. Enjoy the part where he whispers his little confession and I insist, as I use my hands to keep his brain muddled, that he say it out loud, louder, I want my viewers at home to hear him loud and clear...

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july 7 2018 • Too Big To Fail? Nah

You know me, you know I love boys. All boys -- I'm guy crazy, always have been, and I'm GOOD them-I call it girl magic, and the force is stronggg with me. ;) My favorite boys to mesmerize are the one who "warn" me they have big penises, like somehow, my evil flirt magic will evaporate when faced with a big dick. ... I so should have called this video "Jedi Hand Tricks," hahaha, hilarious and true.

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july 3 2018 • Don't Call It A Cumshot

At a certain point, some orgasms transcend -- or just keep going for so damn long one finds oneself actually counting the seconds until he stops GUSHING.

What you're about to see is so sexy, so fun, and if you haven't seen my "work" with my summer "intern," you are seriously missing out----but no fear. Start here. This is 100% real, from the licking to the tickling to the begginggggg me not to make him blow it, to the everlasting ejaculation, this little session is easily in my top 5 moments, ever.

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june 26 2018 • Objects Don't Object

Layer 1: Full coverage nylon encasement.
Layer 2: Plastic wrap Layer
3: Vertrap Layer
4: 4+ rolls of duct tape

Let the pantyhose pulling begin.

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july 25 2018 • Now She Gets It

Pantyhose fetish, a concept so simple and natural and sexual to me -- to you -- sometimes requires a bit of coaxing, in newbie unusued to losing all control...

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june 21 2018 • Wait, What If...

There were a website where hot chicks with perfect manicures and invasive tendencies ganged up on innocent, immobile, TICKLISH boys ? Like... Girls. Tickling boys. To orgasm. Dot com? ... Yep, new site, coming very soon. This stellar scene with my new live-in helper should tide you over till then.

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june 17 2018 • Crazy Dreamdate

I've heard of the "crazy-hot scale," I figured it was some meterologist slang. My date last night explained the concept to me and proceeded to prove true the theory that if you're cute enough, you get away with sociopathically sexual practices.

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june 10 2018 • QUICK DIRTY TAPEJOB

Oooh, don't you just love curvy, dark-haired, don't-even-treat-you-like-a-person Christina? (For the curious, right now I'm blonde Fun-In-The-Sun Christina.) But this steamy scene is from the winter, and a little mean streak shows itself...

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may 26 2018 • a Summer of Servitude

This is the first time, truly, ever, I've accepted a live-in "slave." I've turned down many, many men over the years; I don't need a live-in "slave," and if I did, if I realized one day it might be nice to have a boy-type person around, it seemed unlikely I'd find the right person for such a kinky, unique, potentially life-changing role. He spent 52 weeks -- one email a week for a year -- trying (humbly) to convince me he was worth my time.

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He was. Worth every second. This is the beginning of something different.

I don't know how this is going to end, but helper-boy has signed a contract that requires him to live and "work" with me till Sept. 1. A lot can happen in three months.
may 23 2018 • KINKY GIRLCLIENT

Ivy-Leaguer and go-go dancer by day, total closet kinkster in the dark. It's the classic tale of girl meets domme, girl asks a lot of questions, girl clearly has a bondage fetish and picked the right summertime party-partner...

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may 16 2018 • FRIENDLY FORCE

What a fun one. One of my favorite guys -- we're friendly enough that I wouldn't even call him a client anymore -- lets me experiment some new reflexology therapy on him -- while fully and thoroughly restrained. Affectionate, relentless, and strangely gentle. Especially considering the intensity of his, uh, gratitude...

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may 13 2018 • my 100th RUIN

I really thought this whole "ruin my climax" craze had passed, you know, guys were asking for regular ol' forced ejaculation-y stuff again, the normal extreme bondage and torturous tease... but all of a sudden, idk, maybe it's springtime or something, because I ruined like 4 orgasms in 90 minutes the other day. Are you guys in competition to see who can make me laugh the hardest? Because I actually can't decide which recent client is my favorite pathetic spurting crybaby....

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may 9 2018 • TRADE ME YOUR CUM

How many lonely, solo spurt-fests have you spent, wishing I'd give you a juicy, jiggly show, rubbing your sticky, slimy goo all over my chest? Bet you could cum just reading this--you just got real hard, fast. :) I know how lost you are when I start playing with myself. In fact, I have an invitation for you: Cum with me, cum on me, but there's a trade-off...

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SeekingLIVE TREATMENT? We offer help with...

Pantyhose/legwear addiction, chronic masturbation / enforced chastity needs, genuine, thorough, comfortable TOTALLY INESCAPABLE BONDAGE, hypnotreatments for hosiery obsession, pantyhose date/girlfriend fantasy fullfillment, hypno-hormone therapy, extended modification programs (overnight, full week stays for extreme cases),friction/pantyhose pulling

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