Welcome to Fetish Services of Massachusetts,
a premiere, private fetish therapy facility for those who seek help dealing with extreme, chronic, or otherwise inhibiting cases of sexual fetish.

Here, we offer a different approach than most other "dominatrixes" or "clinics." We seek to help you embrace your addictions, even as you learn obedience and control. We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge, experimental BDSM treatments--which will be tailored to your needs -- and can help you cope with your weaknesses INCLUDING:

-- Pantyhose/legwear addiction
-- Chronic masturbation / enforced chastity needs
-- Genuine, thorough, comfortable TOTALLY INESCAPABLE BONDAGE
-- Hypnotreatments for hosiery obsession
-- pantyhose date/girlfriend fantasy fullfillment
-- Penis augmentation (girth and width available) through hypno-hormone therapy
-- Extended behavioral modification programs: Overnight, full week stays available in extreme cases
-- Friction/pantyhose pulling training / erection modification

services purchase our worn pantyhose, tights and hosiery! request a session