Please take the time to read ALL of this--I put effort into making this clear for you,
and will assume you've read it prior to contacting me. ... Yes, I'm serious, please read it.
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Who should come in for a session?

If you're really experienced with restraint, you should come in. If you're a curious newb, you should come in. If you like pantyhose, you should DEFINITELY come in. CLICK HERE to see what services I offer (and what I don't).

Where will my session take place?

My private, well-equipped studio is about 10 minutes from downtown Boston, MA, and easily accessible by train, plane, car, taxi.

How much does a session cost?

My rates, roughly (early mornings, holidays, etc. may incur a slight upcharge).

  • Restraint/tease session: $300-$400/hr
  • Pantyhose date: $350-$500
  • Pantyhose date + session: $500-$600

I provide fair, thoughtful pricing for sessions. This job requires years of training, emotional committment, and a love of fetish--all of which I possess. If the amount I arrive at is not to your liking--I'm genuinely sorry we couldn't make something work.

Why is a domme so expensive?

I sometimes hear, from newbies, that a session costs more than expected. This field requires intense care and training. Save up, if you need to. I'll be waiting, and looking forward to making your fantasy happen.


"I'm not into bondage," but I'd love a hand job/ruined orgasm session.

No. This. Is. A. BDSM. Service. I incorporate teasing into my sessions, but that's at my discretion. This is NOT a handjob service; the intimate stroking you see my videos is with trusted repeat clients (and a few ex-boyfriends). You'd be surprised how many guys expect to come in once and get a quick HJ--or fondle me. IF YOU DON'T CLICK AND READ THIS, it's your fault if you're surprised.

Having said that, I love forming a connection with new clients, and seeing visitors on a regular basis. Hope you're my next new favorite! :)

Read it all? Watched a few videos, sure you know what you're in for? Ok...

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