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Mar 7 2021: Stroke Training for Boys

Ok, you've been training with me for MONTHS, and you have made literally made NO progress. Like, you've actually gone BACKWARDS. I'm not shaming you -- well, I am, but listen. Let's forget the weights and the cardio. I'm going to train you to give yourself a handjob as good as the handjob I could give you. Oh, what, think you know your dick better than I do? HAHAHAHA... don't you know who I am? Of course you do. I invented the ruined orgasm. I've had men propose -- yes seriously -- over my stroke game, and since your fitness is clearly a lost cause, we should try to improve SOMETHING about you.  I bet you've been tugging that thing the same clumsy way since the eighth grade. Now you're in the presence of a damn Jedi Jerk MASTER -- take of your pants, follow my lead, and I'll have you cumming and cumming like... well, like Christina QCCP's your girlfriend.* *I'm not. I never will be. But can you even IMAGINE!? 

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"But Christina,
I want to see your videos before I decide to join--"

And that's just a fraction of the femdom you'll find inside. Hundreds of videos from thousands of real live femdom sessions, posted weekly since 2017. Here, you'll find only the sexiest, most intimate, genuine BDSM content. There are no disinterested dominatrixes, no cliche porno-dudes. Just lil ol me and the most intimate, original pantyhose femdom videos online. As if that's not enough, if you're a member, you'll get ...

Feb 16 2021: Skip Yoga Class

I love yoga class.
I hate alarm clocks.
I love orgasms.

What to do, what to do...

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Feb 8 2021: Request Regret

Gosh it was hard to pick a title for this one! He asked -- no, begged -- for extreme immobilization, humiliation, and ("pretty please") an orgasm, "any orgasm, please!" I aim to please, and he gets what he wanted... kinda. A cripplingly awful ruined orgasm (after a longggg handsy tease), big boobies and spandex, a little medical fetish, and then... INTENSE post-orgasm torment. My visitor was weak and grateful for days after this little scene.

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Jan 24 2021: Toy Test Success

A kinky new German BDSM vendor asked me to test run a few of their products. I'm so honored, so flattered, so.... terrified! These toys are VERY. F-ING. INTIMIDATING. One of them, I feel like it will genuinely extract a hundred orgasms from me and I won't be able make it stop. Eh, who cares, I'm so turned on I'm willing to risk sexual injury....

Bonus: Full, downloadable high-res photoset from this scene

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Jan 15 2021: My Magic Comesuit

Or perhaps I should call it my "shiny climax clothing" -- or my "orgasm outfit"? Doesn't matter what you call it--the end result is me, begging you to let me masturbate in front of you--you can watch, you can touch yourself, too, as long as I can get my very wet self to orgasm...

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Jan 6 2021: Mouth Edge Ecstasy

I was just having fun, pushing myself, and taking him along for the ride--and at the end he's so desperate for freedom that he'd trade anything, anything, anything.

It's been too long--I turned into a two-hour suck-stroke-and-smackathon that kept my poor guy in a vicious visceral limbo: So hard! Oh no, soft! Then as soon as it was gone, his hard-on is back--and I let him think it's here to stay, as I go down on him, and he moans so happily... then, as quick a wink, I trade the deep throat for....

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Dec 31 2020: Just Watch.

A pantyhose jerk-off instruction video with one instruction: Don't jerk off? What? What kind of guy would want to watch a video like this, where I spend minute after juicy minute bringing myself ever closer to a huge hosiery climax, but insist you simply spectate? But I know you, I know ALL boys. You'll watch--more than once--and get harder and harder, but you won't want to disobey me, so you'll stare, transfixed, as I experience the kind of moaning, gushing orgasm that makes you wish you weren't so damn obedient... Make you a deal. Get through one viewing without masturbating, and I'll personally allow you to climax first thing tomorrow--I'll even email you some "inspirational" pics to help you along, cause you're such a good boy...

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Dec 22 2020: Weekly Draining #3

Don't blame ME for the gap in this series of sessions. Client got a little overwhelmed, and took a few weeks off from his monthly milking. I'm even less pleased than you are, but don't worry; my dissatisfaction translates into one of the better ruined orgasms I've done in a while. Having said that, how good can one get at any single feat before being considered perfect? i.e. Am I the perfect orgasm ruiner?

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Dec 13 2020: Self-Bondage Bimbo

How on earth am I SO good at bondage -- like, probably the best, amirite? -- and SO BAD AT RESTRAINING MYSELF? This is a seriously frustrating video -- to edit, to watch, to remember. I HATE being restrained, I go crazy with escapology... had to trim this down to a clean 10 minutes, because who wants to watch an hour of me whining and thrashing? Really good vid if you want to see some real, visceral emotion from me. Ick.

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Dec 5 2020: The tighter it gets...

This dress is incredible. Talk about the magic of pantyhose: This skintight, ultra shimmery, dual-layered pantyhose dress-and-stockings combo has me feelin' myself in more ways than one. (Click the gif for a sample. 100% genuine.)

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Nov 29 2020: Victim Experts

... I need you!
ARE YOU a BONDAGE/TICKLING ENTHUSISIAST? Are you good at tickling, or do you prefer to be the one strapped down getting tickled out of your mind? Either way, I'm looking for som experts to give me a few tricks for this guy I have coming in. I want to keep him on edge, switch between tickling and teasing, till he goes insaneeeee.. So give me a call!

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Nov 12 2020: Asked, Answered, Satisfied

You asked, I answered. Not sure why you boys are so fascinated with my personal life -- I'm 5'0" tall, who cares? -- but I spend some time distracting you HARD with my feet (they're a size 6.5, fyi) while answering your burning Christina questions. Don't get distracted, now... Are you getting hard, just watching my play with my toes, my feet, my legs...?

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Nov 1 2020: Good Boys Get

Multilayer lapdances, they get up-close and POVpersonal with my silky thighs, my sheer-covered chest.. and then, if you're really good, you actually get to play with me...

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Oct 18 2020: Chastity Copystroke

Since you're all so into "locktober" (so gimmicky, but I'll address that later), you've been pleading with me to create some very "Christina-style" chastity tease videos. Like, you want me to make your dick's life as hard as possible.
*thinks for a second*
Hahaha I guess that's exactly what you want. 

Or think you do. Go ahead, newbie, see how far you can make it through this cock-cage mirror stroke game, when you're locked down and bulging and I'm proving I can make you orgasm through a chastity device, using just my voice and eyes... of course, after you fail miserably, I'll go take care of myself. I mean, I LIKE orgasms. Just not for you.

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Oct 9 2020: First Date Fluffer

That would be you. You're not quite "date" material -- I mean, who are we kidding, look at me -- but you are useful as a compliment slave, sitting all chaste in my bedroom, watching me model outfits that I'll wear out on the town with a REAL man. I also need your opinion on my lingerie--dates usually end up coming home with me, tipsy and horny and willing to "try out some kink," so I need to be certain that my panties, bra, hosiery, everything is stiffeningly sexy. If you do a good job, maybe I'll let you sniff my panties.

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Sept 29 2020: Totally Trickable

I bet you all the money in my wallet, against all the money in your wallet, that I can persuade any male I meet -- including you -- to try bondage. The most straight-laced, missionary-positionist vanilla ice cream boring boys are easy. Especially the guys who consider themselves "in charge," or "alpha" types. Give me 5 minutes, and I'll convince him--or you--to let me try this one thing, c'mon, it'll be fun, I won't tell...

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Sept 15 2020: Wake Up With Me

First time here? I'm Christina. I'm all of your sexy shiny little pantyhose dreams come true; if you haven't heard of me yet, go ahead, click around any other so-called "pantyhose" domme's website. When you get tired of those half-assed charlatans and all the stale soft-bodies, come back to me, see if you ever leave. Those of you who get why I'm the only girl worth watching: Allow me to reintroduce myself...

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Sept 9 2020: Double Dick Trick

I love when a client, having simmered for a while, comes back for the same treatment but "meaner."

What, did you get LESS weak since you last visited? HAHAHA. Ruthless and rough back-and-forth edging/tickling. Every time he gets close -- SO CLOSE -- to cumming, I switch it up and attack his body with my long, pointy fingernails. By the end of this one, he's begging me to stop, but he's not sure what he wants me to DO. Make him explode? Deny his climax? Both? Everything? Anything?

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Aug 29 2020: Shiny Night Show

Do you ever wonder what I'm *really* like? Am I really always wearing some shiny silky outfit, something so sexy you can't believe that this is how I am, how I dress--unplanned and unscripted..? This is how I dress, all the time. This is what I'm typically doing on a weeknight. And this is how quickly I can go from myopic video editing to shimmering seductress in 0 seconds. My secret? THIS IS REALLY HOW I AM.

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Aug 22 2020: Why I Was Late

I'm always late. I try so hard, I swear, but I have no time management skills. It might be because I'm so domme-y that regular-people deadlines don't apply to me; it might be because I'm so self-centered--but I think a big part of it is how easily I get turned on by pantyhose. By my OWN pantyhose. So anyway, this is why I was late to meet you for our date the other night... I just couldn't keep my hands to myself. Maybe you'll get a turn, someday.

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Aug 13 2020: Oral Edge Agony

The BEST oral sex wager video I've ever done. I don't use all of my deep-throat powers, cause it would be a VERY quick session, and the idea is to draw it out... I want to keep him desperate and hopeful until his brains melt. This talented toungue, please-mister-please, big-blue-eyes deep-throating was too much for him, of course. Would you do any better, if it was YOU looking down at me, on my knees, licking my lips...

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Aug 4 2020: Spray My Soles

This one is a little special for me --
after so many requests for a footsie JOI video, too! I made this video for one of my foot-fetish boyfriends to watch while he was out of town... but it came out so damn sexy, I upgraded it for you. :)

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July 23 2020: Sweet, Sometimes

Client is a longtime fan of mine :) and comes in for his very first bondage experience. It goes well. It goes verywell. It's not often I get this intimate with a client this quickly, but something about his immediately submissive personality really charmed me. See, this is me, charmed. Aren't you?

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July 14 2020: Session Solutions for Bashful Boys

You've fantasized about this for so long. First it was just a dream, but eventually, you found yourself making plans, asking questions, obsessing about the specifics. Now, you just have a few questions before you take the big step: Your first BDSM session. This video is for you guys who just need a little push to book a real session, in person, with me. I'll answer your kinky questions. I'll fulfill your fetish fantasies. Let's start by making sure you're properly secured... don't want you touching yourself during my sexy, scientific JOI presentation....

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July 5 2020: Oral Challenger

Advanced edging challenge for only the most capable pantyhose clients. He has a lot of money riding on his ability to resist my head skills. He cums, he loses--not only does he pay double his session cost, he owes me a $500 bonus. You might think you'd right give in, orgasm, especially when I start with the double-deep throat--but the only way to get invited back is to resist, and that's a LOT of money to lose... then again... your priorities might get mixed up, too, if you had to go through this ..

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