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Oct 24 2020. After months and months--dozens of emails a day asking when I'd be taking on clients again--I am relaxing my restrictions and accepting new clients for pantyhose sessions.

Priority obviously goes to PantyhoseTherapy members and long-time clients. There is a waiting list for new clients; currently, I'm booking dates into  December. I know you guys have been so patient - bear with me for a little longer! Give me a day or two to get everything clear and published. Promise. 

More info to come by the end of the week. 


while you're just waiting there, pining away for me, you could always ...

commission a CUSTOM VIDEO

I can turn your deepest fantasy into a personalized scene so real you'll swear I'm right there with you. So... what IS your fantasy? Give me a brief idea of what you'd like to see me do, wear, say, etc., and I'll make it happen.

  C O S T:

Ballpark, $80-$500, depending on how involved your request is, Keep in mind, simpler idea/dialog
= cheaper. :)
Click here to book a custom video. Serious inquiries only.
book a face-to-face SKYPE CALL

Want to talk with me face-to-face, in real time? I offer video calls in which we can talk about everything from the weather to your secret "!!!!" fetish. Questions about me, chastity, a live session, or just want to chat? Let's do it. - CLICK HERE FOR INFO


C O S T:

Flat fee of $100-$200. No time restrictions. Available fairly flexibly, sometimes with a few hours' notice.

Click here to schedule a Skype call or Facetime.